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"The first thing that caught my attention was how perceptive  Brandon was with his clients. I took noticed  how he made health markers a part of his weekly check ins and that intrigued me  right away. Competing in bodybuilding shows in the past had left me feeling deficient with very little to no direction afterwards, which led me to steer away from wanting to step on stage again. 

Finding a knowledgeable and well structured coach isn’t an easy task . There are many proclaimed fitness experts today , but not Many who have the adequacy to lead others to tap into their fitness potential in a healthy and precise manner . 

I had initially reached out to Brandon to help get me ready for a vacation and needed guidance on dropping body fat while

Minimizing the loss of muscle mass. I noticed right away how detailed and informative he had laid out the program for me while explaining every step of his method. As we checked in through the weeks, It was evident that Brandon had all my concerns in his best interest. I was very pleased on how well the open communication had went and how quickly we were able to progress through the weeks. I noticed a drastic change not only in my physique but most importantly my mind set. 

Taken back by Brandon’s work ethic we soon changed gears, and transitioned from the weight loss program to the Competition Prep program. I felt confident that he will be able to take my physique to a whole new level and a  fire to compete had started growing within me  again . Feeling better than ever, I can confidently say that we will be bringing in my best package to the stage thus far as well as having a game plan for after through the reverse dieting phase. I look forward to continue collaborating with Brandon on my fitness journey. ."

- Jake Ski

“I have worked with Brandon since 2018. We have gone through multiple body recomps and a contest Prep and each time he has gotten me in the best shape of my life. He not only gets me looking great but his focus on various bio health markers ensure I’m healthy on the inside as well. I’ve learned a great deal about my own body while working with brandon and I highly recommend him to anyone who takes their physical health and well being seriously. If you follow his guidance he will undoubtedly get you looking and feeling your best!”

- Paulie Benvenuto

Being a bodybuilder is tough—and being female isn’t any easier. I know working with a male coach may seem like they couldn’t possibly understand the craziness that the female body goes through but Brandon shatters that stigma. 

Like anything he does, he takes the time and effort to learn everything he possibly can about a subject, learns how you function as an individual, then applies his knowledge and experience to make a plan that will work for you. 

I’ve run into many obstacles during my journey to getting back on stage and every single step of the way, Brandon was there with the light and the map to get me where I need to be. The reason why the cliche saying “trust your coach” exists because of coaches like him. He shows you where you’re shining, where you’re lacking, and how to get over those obstacles.

As a nutrition coach, myself, I think it’s so important to explain ‘why’ we implement certain things to our clients so they have a better understanding why they’re doing “out of the ordinary” techniques—and Brandon does that with such depth that it makes you feel like you just got a college education in this sport. 

I’m forever grateful for having the opportunity to work with him and can’t wait to see where we go together. 

- Devin Andrade




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